Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn?
We pay 20% of all sales made to visitors sent to our sites with your tracking code. Also you will get 20% of earnings registered by your links subaffiliates up to 5 tier (4%, 0.8%, 0.16%, 0.3% of their sales).

How and when do I get paid?
Payments are made one time per month (16) for accounts with more than $100.00 ernings in previous month (with 16-days hold). Payment methods is Webmoney WMZ and Bitcoin. Contact support if you need different options.

How can I track visitors?
Add /itemname-YOUR_REF_CODE/ or parameter ?itemname=YOUR_REF_CODE to any url of any our website. Visitor will receive cookie - visits, signup and sales will be tracked on your affiliate account stats. Tracking statistics updated in real-time.

What is channel?
Channels allow you track visitors by your own criteria. Add /ch-CHANNEL_NAME/ or parameter &ch=CHANNEL_NAME to any url of any our website. CHANNEL_NAME can be up to 100 digits or letters.

What marketing techniques are prohibited?
Affiliates are not permitted to use any type of fraudulent marketing techniques, activities or programs, spamming, using spyware or any other fraudulent techniques or tactics.